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By John, 08/11/2017 - 05:20

If you’ve been wondering, what the Kickstarter we are planning should do is help us to get the first issue of Vargr the Rogue Wolf published by January of 2018. We are planning to launch the Kickstarter this October. If you want to get a reminder when the project launches, then you can add yourself to our email list. The list will remain open through the launch of the Kickstarter project. After that the list will be used for news about the ongoing series, any news about the kickstarter will go to our backers. This Kickstarter itself will remain open throughout all of October.

Backers will be able to receive a deluxe printed edition which, along with the kickstarter issues, will include additional art. These additional pieces will mostly be concept art, a lot of which will have been seen on our tumblr and here on the main site. We thought it would be neat to include these pieces in the book so that readers could see how our ideas evolved over time.

It’s no surprise that Parks Entertainment LLC is a fairly small company, which is why the first issue will not be out until January. Since we know anyone thinking of getting invested in the series will want something to read before January, we have written a short prequel series that will be sold as backer rewards through the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. This Kickstarter-only series will never be published or sold again. We are planning to ship all Kickstarter rewards within a month of closing the Kickstarter, and we hope that this series will give fans something to do while they are waiting for the main series to come out.

For anyone who just wants to know more about the main series and how that’s going, we’ve finished illustrating the first page of the main series. We really like how the look of the series is coming along, and will be posting a finished panel from the series tomorrow on our Tumblr page. Keep an eye out, and as always follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr!