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By John, 08/19/2017 - 09:04

So what’s going to be in the kickstarter issues? As previously mentioned, these issues will be a prequel to the main series. The story will follow the events of the Vargr attack that put the main series’ family in the situation they’re currently in. Backers will be able to witness what happened to Brand that led him to leave his family.

This mini-series will have three issues; one of the scripts for these issues is already finished, and another is halfway done. Events in the main series may make more sense if you have already read the Kickstarter series, but reading the Kickstarter series will not be a requirement for reading the main series. Events in the Kickstarter series will be referenced from time to time, and certain characters will seem more interesting because you would have met them before in the Kickstarter series. As someone who worked as an editor for both the scripts for the main series and those for the kickstarter series, I was pretty excited to see some of the characters reappear; I can only imagine how it will be for someone who gets to read the full three kickstarter issues, fully illustrated, and then goes on to read the main series.

These issues will be given to backers of the kickstarter as rewards. Which issues backers get will be dependent on what level they choose to back. Backers will be able to choose if they want all three issues digitally, in print, or with extra art and goodies. It will be possible for backers to choose to receive just one of the three issues, though they will be missing out if they do not get the other two issues. A few backers will be able to get a custom drawn cover for their kickstarter issues.