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Vargr the Rogue Wolf - Aug 8th

By John, 08/05/2017 - 09:16

Vargr the Rogue Wolf will be the first comic series to be released under Parks Entertainment LLC. We already have the scripts for the first two issues finished and are planning for Vargr the Rogue Wolf to be a long-running werewolf story starting in 1100 BCE with the Danes in Iceland. This story is the passion project of its creator, John Parks, who was tired of the countless slasher werewolf stories that ignored the psychological aspect of lycanthropy. He is committed to writing a story that not only terrifies its readers, but also digs deep into those psychological consequences while being as historically accurate as possible.

If you know anything about Iceland then you may know that there aren’t actually any wolves in Iceland. In our story, this actually makes the presence of werewolves more terrifying since the characters are aware that there shouldn’t be any wolves around. But this isn’t why we picked Iceland. Our story specifically takes inspiration from historical accounts of Vikings who were left in Iceland when conditions went bad. Most Vikings fled Iceland during this time, only to return later and find that those who stayed had become intimidating and seemed noticeably different. Though the backstory of the Vargr (or rogue wolves) in our story has not been made clear in cannon, it may be that these men are the origins of our werewolves.

Bits of lore will become more obvious as Vargr the Rogue Wolf continues as a series; we are also planning for the inclusion of other creatures from Icelandic myth. In the meantime, the narrative will be mainly focused on the perspectives of the members of one family. This is the family of the local hero, a man named Brand who was stricken with lycanthropy after defending his neighbors and friends from a monstrous vargr. After his encounter he leaves his family in order to protect them and figure himself out. What he was probably unaware of is that his daughter, Gina, had also begun to change. After a particularly gruesome accident Helga, Gina’s mother and Brand’s wife, decides it’s time to find her husband again and reunite the family. The two women set off with Arinn, Helga’s brother, on their own journey for answers. If you’re excited and want to keep following this story, we have set up a mailing list. Just add your email and you can be kept up to date with news about this project and our Kickstarter event which will be released this October.