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By John, 10/26/2017 - 05:23

I am revising my production schedule. Frankly I am working the equivalent of two full times jobs and managing a Social Club. So time just isn’t there. I have updated my production schedule to be more realistic with regard to the time I have available to me to work on the Comic.

So here is the new schedule:
11/30/17 – Vargr The Hunt (Kickstarter story arch) first issue complete
01/02/18 – Vargr The Hunt (Kickstarter story arch) second issue complete
01/03/18 – Kickstarter launch
02/01/18 – Kickstarter close
02/04/18 – Vargr The Hunt (Kickstarter story arch) third issue complete

Main Series:
03/12/18 – Vargr (first story arch) first issue complete
04/15/18 – Vargr (first story arch) second issue complete
05/16/18 – Vargr (first story arch) third issue complete
06/17/18 – Vargr (first story arch) fourth issue complete
07/20/18 – Vargr first issue published
07/22/18 – Vargr (first story arch) fifth issue complete
08/20/18 – Vargr second issue published
08/24/18 – Vargr (first story arch) six issue complete
09/20/18 – Vargr third issue published
10/20/18 – Vargr fourth issue published
11/20/18 – Vargr fifth issue published
12/20/18 – Vargr six issue published


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